I am a self taught tinkerer. I am a musician, an artist, a poet, an inventor and a developer. I am an engineer. I am a visionary. There is not much I do not know something about. As knowledge is power, and responsibility.

A great way to share information is by using a WIKI. I use MediaWiki and had it installed on my debian version of my DMZ server. Soon I will install it on my Centos7 DMZ server and you can learn what I have learned and recorded.

There are many free and paysites on the internet anyone can register for to increase their knowledge in virtually any subject matter.

Online education I have completed...

Paul McLean on top of Clute Mountain, NY

Me on top of Clute Mountain, NY

SoftMotive Academy
Foundation Course - WinAutomation 24 Apr 2019
Navigation Course - WinAutomation 24 Apr 2019
Development and Management Essentials Course - WinAutomation 25 Apr 2019
Courses I have taken on Pluralsite
Building a RESTful API with ASP.NET Core 8h 10m Apr 14, 2019
ASP.NET Core Fundamentals 5h 44m Apr 14, 2019
Creating a Site with CSS Grid and Bootstrap 4 2h 14m Apr 14, 2019
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: The Big Picture 1h 28m Apr 14, 2019
HTML5 Fundamentals 3h 47m Apr 14, 2019
Understanding ASP.NET Core Security 3h 6m Apr 12, 2019
Entity Framework Core 2: Getting Started 2h 42m Apr 12, 2019
HTML5 Advanced Topics 2h 45m Apr 11, 2019
Improving .NET Core MVC Apps Using Extension Points 3h 41m Apr 08, 2019
Building Your First ASP.NET Core 2 MVC Application 3h 10m Apr 05, 2019
Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core 1h 56m Apr 05, 2019
Courses I have taken on LinkedIN
First Look: Visual Studio 2019 Issued Apr 2019
Learning SQL Server 2017 Issued Apr 2019
Courses I have taken on MS Learn Level 4 - 2625/5299 XP - Badges earned 7 - Trophies earned 1
Badges (7)
Build a web API with ASP.NET Core 04/01/2019
Prepare your development environment for Azure development 04/01/2019
Host a web application with Azure App service 04/01/2019
Publish a web app to Azure with Visual Studio 04/01/2019
Cloud Concepts - Principles of cloud computing 04/01/2019
Core Cloud Services - Introduction to Azure 04/01/2019
Core Cloud Services - Azure architecture and service guarantees 04/01/2019
Trophies (1)
Deploy a website to Azure with Azure App Service 04/01/2019
MVA Founders Club -- 463 Legacy Points
ASP.NET Core - Intermediate 100%
ASP.NET Core - Advanced 100%
ASP.NET Core - Beginner 100%
Programming in C# Jump Start 100%
Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications Jump Start 100%
C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners 100%