Welcome to my piece of the World Wide Web. Owning this domain since the time of the modem I have seen the technology that drives it transform. In this new time of crossplatform revolutions I've redesigned my site to use a few new ones.

So which ones to use..... geez there are so many. I went with PHP; .Net Core MVC; Java/Tomcat MVC; and threw in some perl, servicenow and salesforce action to spice it up.

Or at least thats the plan.... Today is/was March 22, 2019. Spring just sprung yesterday with a full moon 50 degree sunny day to a snow flake filled sky this morning. So if you want to get your geek going you can follow my transformation as it happens. Or perhaps we are already in the future and I am done. Wow! That was easy.

Adirondack LED

Follow my development into the world of LED technology and watch me change the world.

Adirondack Vertical Farming

A community to grow more food for everyone to enjoy! 2020 Feed the World Technology Transformation

Spring March 20, 2019 Full Moon.

Spring Full Moon.

Now What?

This will be event driven and will highlight anything happening throught my Domain.

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